Integrated Web, Audio and Video service.

There is an increasing need to enable collaboration across geographies, locally & globally. This business reality comes with the challenge of increasing cost of travel. But, with our new age conferencing solutions, you can enjoy seamless connectivity, collaborate with your business associates and make informed decisions.

Our Conferencing Solutions give you the benefits of a carrier class service that can be used anytime, anywhere and through any channel. You no longer need to get into the logistics of scheduling ‘call in’ using different numbers or manually log the call time on a calendar. The audio, web and video features of our Conferencing Solutions help you access the best that the technology has to offer.


About Segments
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Shopping Mall
Nina Enterpirse, we serve to a large customer base which cater to both SME and individuals.
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Educational Institutions
Nina Enterpirse, we serve to a large customer base which cater to both SME and individuals.
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Nina Enterpirse, we serve to a large customer base which cater to both SME and individuals.
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Nina Enterpirse, we serve to a large customer base which cater to both SME and individuals.
Marketing Solutions
Toll Free Services
Customers, stakeholders and even employees often need to directly reach businesses or service providers. A Toll Service is a number or a set of numbers, which callers may reach by dialling in, either for free or at a nominal cost. .

Why us?
  • With our pan-India geographic coverage, you can receive calls from any service provider, anywhere.
  • Our service enables efficient use of phone lines that allow mixing inbound and outbound calls on the same dedicated access line.
  • With us you get 24x7 monitoring by our Network Operating Centre .
  • Our state-of-the-art digital network allows quick and easy rerouting during emergencies.
SMS Solutions
There is an increasing need for businesses to communicate with their customers in a highly targeted and cost effective manner. SMS based solutions provide scalable and cost effective options that enable maximum reach at minimal costs.

Why us?
  • Tata Docomo provides dedicated capacity available 24x7.
  • Trustworthy and transparent billing.
  • Charging basis delivery to handset only.
  • Flexible pricing model based on volumes.
  • Database and sender ID security.
  • SLA based on scenarios.
  • We value relationship.
Call Register Service
With our Call Register Service (CRS), instant feedback on your toll free number is now simplified. It comes with a wide array of customizable features for specific business requirements. With this service you can capture caller information instantly and access it on real time basis through a user-friendly web interface.

Why our service?
  • Our service is equipped for smooth integration with your existing IT systems.
  • With us you get telco-grade reliability and scalability benefits.
  • We have proven technology with successful deployments and happy customers across India.
  • Our service standards are second to none.
  • We value relationships.
Digital Survey
Our digital survey is a comprehensive platform that enables you to easily conduct multi-channel, multi-lingual surveys and take informed business decisions basis the analytics available from the tool.

Why us?
  • Easy to deploy and configure with intuitive UI.
  • Highly scalable with unlimited responses.
  • Secure cloud-based solution.
  • World-class product offering with technology powered by TCS iON.
HIVR Solution
With our hosted IVR (HIVR) solution, your business no longer needs to worry about hardware and software infrastructure investment required for great customer experience. Our hosted platform can also significantly reduce the turnaround time required to setup the customer experience business process, as all the necessary infrastructure is available and ready to use.

Why us?
  • We offer ready to use IT infrastructure for hosting and handling calls.
  • Our solution requires extremely low investment to set up and maintain the solution.
  • With us you get significant reduction in the turnaround time for setting up the IVR process.
  • We give you easy integration with your existing systems and processes.
  • Our solution is customisable as per your business requirements.
Live Chat
A chat application that enables organizations to stay connected in real-time to their customers and users for both lead generation and customer support.

Why us?
  • Simple to configure solution.
  • Support existing clients and partners, engage with prospective customers.
  • Optimize customer service with additional chat statistics.
  • Simple pay per use model.
  • World-class product offering, with technology powered by TCS iON.
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